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1. Tjernlund DB-2 Duct Booster, Increases Heating and Cooling Power, 275 CFM

Tjernlund DB-2 Duct Booster, Increases Heating and Cooling Power, 275 CFM




Inline Duct Booster, Housing Material Galvanized Steel, Fits Duct Dia. 5 to 8 In., Voltage 115, Max. Amps 0.51, Max. Wattage 40, Number of Speeds 1Length 7 In. CFM at 0.000-In. SP 275Max. Inlet Temp. 200 Degrees F, Inlet and Outlet Dia. 5 to 8 In., 60 Hz, 1 Phase Motor RPM 1550, Motor Enclosure Totally Enclosed, Width 9-1/2 In., Height 8-3/4 In. Speed Control Yes Mounting Position Horizontal Includes Mounting Template Restrictions Note: cfm rating is for 8″ dia. pipe. Air flow will decrease slightly with smaller pipe. In-Line Centrifugal Fan Duct Booster fits in round, square, or flat ducts as shallow as 3-1/4″ deep. One 4″ x 7″ cutout is required. Unit attaches to ductwork with 4 sheet metal screws. May be actuated by 5C968 pressure switch. Steel housing and wheel. 1/70 HP, 1550 rpm, 115V, 60 Hz permanently lubricated motor is positioned out of the air stream. UL Listed. Max. operating air temp.: 200 F; not for use with combustion exhaust Motor shaft should remain horizontal to the floor; mount on bottom of horizontal or side of vertical duct.

2. Tjernlund EF-6 Duct Booster Fan, 6"

Tjernlund EF-6 Duct Booster Fan, 6"




Ith this duct fan installed into your home or business building, you’ll be able to boost the ventilation into or out of a certain area. Move warm or cool air into rooms that are notoriously hard to keep at a comfortable temperature.

3. Coolerguys USB Powered Cooling Fan Kits (Single 120mm)

Coolerguys USB Powered Cooling Fan Kits (Single 120mm)



Size:Single 120mm

Coolrguys USB Powered 120mm Fan with Cabinet Bracket
This 120mm USB version of our Cabcool cooling kits is a great selection if you just want a no nonsense easy to install kit to keep your stuff cool. To use this kit you will need access to a USB port.

This is a complete kit for a single 120mm fan unit (6.25" x 6.25" x .125") that will quietly cool your cabinet or multimedia center.
Can be mounted on any side of a cabinet, where room permits, by cutting a hole approximately 3/4" smaller on all sides of the outside bracket.
Insert completed cooler assembly in hole and attach to cabinet with appropriate screws.
Fan(s) can be set to blow into or out of the cabinet depending on your needs.

Cooling Unit includes the following:
(1) Coolerguys 120x120x25mm USB Fan with Grill
(1) Black Fan bracket (6.25" x 6.25" x .125")
(1) Black 120mm Mesh Grill with Honeycomb 6mm holes
(1) Black 120mm Black Fan Grill/Guard
(8) Fan Screws to attach grill(s)
Pack – 4" Nylon Multi-Purpose Tie Black
(4) 1/2" black Cabinet screw(s)
All necessary screws, cables, and fasteners to complete the unit are included

Fan Specifications:
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Rated Voltage: 5 Volts
Connector: USB
Tail: 16 inch /Dual
RPM: 1200 +/- 10%
CFM: 44
dB: 19.7
Bearing: Dual Ball
MTFB: 50,000 hrs
br> This is a DIY kit and some assembly and installation is needed.

4. HG Power 5 inch Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan HF-P Series Booster Exhaust Extractor Inline Ducting Fans for House or Grow Tent

HG Power 5 inch Mixed Flow Inline Duct Fan HF-P Series Booster Exhaust Extractor Inline Ducting Fans for House or Grow Tent


5. Broan 512M Through-Wall Fan, 6-Inch 70 CFM 3.5 Sones

Broan 512M Through-Wall Fan, 6-Inch 70 CFM 3.5 Sones



Size Name:6-Inch 70 CFM 3.5 Sones

Product Description

Broan 512M 6 through wall ventilation fan 70 CFM 3.5 Sones. Easy exterior wall installation features a white interior grille and louvered exterior wall cap with built-in bird screen. 6-Inch diameter flexible aluminum duct included. Accommodates walls from 5-1/4-Inch to 10-Inch. Use with remotely mounted wall switch or Broan model 57W or 57V. Variable speed control (available separately). Wall cap measures 8-Inch square.

Ideal for a kitchen, laundry room, workshop, or other space in need of effective ventilation, the 6-inch Broan through wall utility fan (model 512M) helps remove anything from cooking fumes and odors to excess humidity or tobacco smoke. It moves air at 70 cubic feet per minute (CFM), and it produces a quiet 3.5-sone level of sound.


Includes 6-inch flexible duct (view larger).

The fan installs easily through an exterior wall that measures between 5-1/4 inches and 10 inches thick, and a 6-inch-diameter flexible aluminum duct comes included. Attractively designed, the two round-shaped white polymeric grilles can be painted to match decor, and the interior grille spins on easily to install. Its permanently lubricated, thermally protected motor is strong and durable, and its 25-gage steel housing has an electrically bonded black epoxy paint finish. It can be controlled with a remotely mounted wall switch or Broan model 57W or 57V variable speed control (not included).

Considerations When Choosing a Home Ventilation System

Homes are now built much more efficiently than they once were, making them far less costly to heat and air condition. That said, having proper ventilation throughout the home is now imperative in order to provide a safe and comfortable living environment. Broan ventilation fans provide the best solutions to ensure that contaminants are constantly removed from the indoors.

Eliminating excess moisture keeps your home dry and comfortable and can help avoid mold and mildew. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) “outgas” from construction materials such as plywood, carpet, fabric, paint, adhesive, insulation, and other common items. Allergens, dust, cooking vapor, and what the kids bring home from school are more reasons why good ventilation is critical.

Sones measure the “sound level” of your fan

A sone is a measurement of sound in terms of comfortable hearing level for an average listener. The lower the sone value, the more comfortable the environment. Sones are not decibels or volume, but rather how sound is “sensed.” One sone is half as loud as two sones, and is equivalent to a quiet refrigerator.

Calculate the air movement necessary for proper ventilation

Air movement is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). To determine CFM requirements, first determine the size of your room. Measure and multiply the length, width and ceiling height of your room to determine cubic footage. Then use the multiplication factor of .13 and round up to the next “ten.” Here are three examples:

Example 1: Bathroom with 8′ ceiling: 7′ wide x 9′ long x 8′ high x .13 = 66. Select a bath fan with at least 70 CFM.

Example 2: Bathroom with 9′ ceiling: 10′ wide x 9′ long x 9′ high x .13 = 105. Select a bath fan with at least 110 CFM.

Example 3: For a bathroom with a vaulted ceiling, use the average ceiling height at the wall and the peak: 8′ wide x 12′ long x ((8′ at wall + 12′ at peak) / 2 = 10′) average height x .13 = 125. Select a fan (or fans) with at least 130 CFM.

About Broan-NuTone

In 1932, Henry Broan developed and manufactured a kitchen fan called the Motordor Fan that provided quiet and efficient kitchen ventilation. Today, Broan-NuTone leads the industry with forward-thinking residential ventilation products, customized climate, communications and storage solutions and superior customer service. The Broan brand focuses on range hoods, ventilation fans, heater/fan/light combination units, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) fresh air systems, built-in heaters, whole-house fans, attic ventilators and trash compactors, while the NuTone brand offers door chimes, central vacuum systems, stereo intercom systems, medicine cabinets, ironing centers, ceiling fans and ventilation fans.

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512M 6-Inch Through the Wall Ventilator

At a Glance
  • Includes 6-inch diameter flexible aluminum duct
  • Moves 70 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Produces a 3.5-sone level of sound
  • Accommodates walls from 5-1/4 to 10 inches thick
  • White interior grille and louvered exterior wall cap with built-in bird screen
  • Can be used with remotely mounted wall switch or Broan 57W or 57V variable speed control (sold separately)
  • 1-year limited warranty

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6. Iliving ILG8SF10V Wall-Mounted Variable Speed Shutter Exhaust Fan, 10"

Iliving ILG8SF10V Wall-Mounted Variable Speed Shutter Exhaust Fan, 10"



Size:10″ |  Style Name:Variable Speed Shutter

The iLIVING shutter exhaust fan is perfect for removing excess heat, moisture, and unpleasant odors from virtually any commercial location, including restaurants, factories, warehouses, barns, and greenhouses. This fan features aluminum blades, OSHA compliant wire guards, and automatic shutters that open and close in tandem with the operation of the fan. The completely enclosed motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated. The fan comes fully assembled out of the box; only installation required is the electrical hardwire. The shutter fan comes in 8 different sizes: 10 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch; the 18 inch shutter fan has both a variable Speed ILG8SF24V and a single Speed model. The iLIVING 30 inch and 36 inch shutter fans are only available in single Speed. For variable Speed models, the iLIVING ILG8SFSC Speed controller is sold separately.

7. Hon&Guan 6” Home Ventilation Fan Bathroom Garage Exhaust Fan Ceiling and Wall Mount Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom, Super Silent, Strong Exhaust (High CFM) 150D

Hon&Guan 6'' Home Ventilation Fan Bathroom Garage Exhaust Fan Ceiling and Wall Mount Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/Bathroom, Super Silent, Strong Exhaust (High CFM) 150D


8. Smart Vent Insulated Foundation Flood Vent, FEMA Compliant and ICC-ES Certified – Model 1540-520, 16" x 8"

Smart Vent Insulated Foundation Flood Vent, FEMA Compliant and ICC-ES Certified - Model 1540-520, 16" x 8"


9. Keen Home Smart Vent – 4"x12"

Keen Home Smart Vent - 4"x12"



Size Name:4×12 Inch Smart Vent

Product Description

We believe your home should be your sanctuary and not another source of stress. Our products ensure that when you get home, your home gets you. The Smart Vent was designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home’s temperature room-by-room.

From the Manufacturer

Meet your Smart Vent

Now you can heat and cool your home the intelligent and efficient way—room by room. The Smart Vent creates an intuitive room-zoned system that proactively balances your home’s temperature. The average sized home only needs a system of 4 – 8 Smart Vents to ehance both comfort and efficiency.

Intelligently connected

The Smart Vent retrofits existing floor, wall, and ceiling air vents in just a few simple steps, then wirelessly connects to your home network. The vents communicate with each other, as a Smart Vent System, to regulate airflow in rooms too hot, too cold or not in use for most of the day.


Sensor calculates individual room temperature to better regulate airflow


Sensor measures air pressure at the vent for system protection and diagnostics


Advanced control algorithms enhance battery life, extending it for years

More comfort, more efficiency

Strategically placing 4 – 8 Smart Vents throughout your home, in rooms that are over-conditioned or rarely used, creates a balanced home temperature system that enhances comfort room by room.The Smart Vent’s built-in temperature and pressure sensors wirelessly communicate with each other—as well as other smart devices—to regulate and redirect airflow when needed.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Room-by-room. Intelligent. Zoning.

Where did you get the inspiration for your product?

Nayeem, Ryan, and Will all grew up in homes with central air. They all suffered from the typical hot and cold spots that many homeowners deal with on a daily basis. In early 2013, Ryan was lying in his bed, with hot air pouring on him from the air vent above his head. He thought how much more comfortable he’d be if he could control the airflow from his phone, which was lying on his bedside table. Ryan brought the idea to Nayeem and Will and all three began running experiments in their homes that winter. They observed that selectively closing certain vents enhanced both comfort and efficiency of a home’s central HVAC system. The Smart Vent was born.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

Currently, there are no truly intelligent air vents on the market. Our product installs in a few minutes and a system of just 4-8 Smart Vents can achieve much of the benefits of a multi-thousand dollar professionally-installed damper system. Moreover, our Smart Vents are wirelessly connected and can work together to make the smartest decisions for your home’s airflow. Finally, the Keen Home app gives users the ability to take control of their airflow and also gain insight into the health of their HVAC system.

Tell us about the best and most challenging parts of the creation process.

Building a connected device presents many of the challenges that software companies face and combines them with the difficulties of hardware manufacturing. Thankfully, we have built an excellent team that has a wealth of hardware and software development experience. The entire team is motivated every day by the fact that at Keen Home, we’re building products that will truly enhance the way people live in their homes. With our technology, we want your home to take care of you—not the other way around.

10. Tjernlund AD-1 Auto Draft Stove Blower Model

Tjernlund AD-1 Auto Draft Stove Blower Model



Size Name:1-(Pack)

The Auto-Draft can be installed on any wood or coal burning stove pipe 5″ to 8″ in diameter. It is designed to solve draft problems without increasing the height or diameter of the chimney. With the Auto-Draft your hard starting stove draws immediately. No smoky back up–even with moist or hard to ignite types of wood. Once the fire is burning, adjust the variable speed control knob on the electrical box to achieve the maximum efficiency of your stove. The Auto-Draft provides for total utilization of your wood, leaving only a fine ash residue in most cases.


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